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Gammacare , is a Limited Liability Company that deals with trading all kinds of medical, therapeutic, surgical, and pharmacies.

Our company found in 2013. Our strategy means to provide support to the health sector for both society and the environment. However, we are ready to provide ambulances and surgical materials, furniture for hospitals and provide pharmacies with all kinds of pressure and sugar devices as well as laboratory equipment

our Aim and mission

Mission & vision

01. Our Aim

Our basic aim in UAE and SYR was to redefining our company as areal supporter for international organization

02. Supplying Goods

Gamma care is the number one company In the field of supplying goods and services such as, UNDP, UNWRA, UNOPS, UNHCR, WHO.

03.Our Branches

Our Branches are in Turkey, UAE and SYR. We are proud of this achievement to cover all Middle EAST

04. Conclusion

In short, provide peace and giving high level of awareness in the field of health and medicine is our main goal.

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